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Face Painting


Transforming Faces into Works of Art!

At Kidz Wishing Well, we specialize in providing top-notch face painting services for a wide range of events, including private and corporate gatherings, school functions, fundraising events, and of course, unforgettable birthday parties!

Watch in amazement as our talented artists work their magic, turning ordinary faces into extraordinary canvases. 

With our team of professional face painters and a kaleidoscope of enchanting designs, we bring smiles and joy to faces of all ages.

Why Choose Us?

  1. Hypoallergenic and FDA-Approved Paints: We understand the importance of safety when it comes to face painting, especially for children. That's why we use only the highest quality paints, easy to clean off with soap and water, baby wipes or makeup remover .

  2. Professional Face Painters: Our team of skilled face painters is not only talented but also passionate about what they do. They have mastered the art of transforming faces into magical creations, ensuring each design is a true masterpiece. Our painters are friendly, patient, and dedicated to making your event a memorable experience.

  3. Dazzling Designs: Prepare to be amazed as our face painters unleash their creativity with a wide array of designs. From majestic butterflies to heroic superheroes that leap into action, from the icy magic of Frozen to the mystical allure of unicorns, we have designs that will captivate every imagination.


Our Services:

  1. Private and Corporate Events: Add a touch of magic to your private and corporate events with our delightful face painting services. Whether it's a family gathering, a company picnic, or a themed party, our face painters will enhance the fun and excitement, making your event truly extraordinary.

  2. School Functions: Make school functions and special occasions even more enjoyable with our face painting services. From school fairs to holiday celebrations, our talented artists will be on hand to create wonder and joy for students and staff alike.

  3. Fundraising Events: When it comes to fundraising events, drawing a crowd is essential. Our face painting services can help attract families and supporters, creating a joyful atmosphere that encourages generous contributions for your cause.

  4. Unforgettable Birthday Parties: Make your child's birthday party a cherished memory with our enchanting face painting. Your little one and their friends can choose from a gallery of designs and watch as their faces become living canvases of wonder and delight.



At our face painting events, we create more than just art; we create memories that last a lifetime. Our goal is to make dreams come true, one brushstroke at a time.


Are you ready to experience the magic? Get in touch with us today to book our professional face painting services for your next event. Let us add a splash of color and an abundance of smiles to your special day!

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2 Hours Face Painting. One artist                              $275                                          

2 Hours Face painting. Two Artists                             $350               

2 Hours Face Painting. Three Artist                           $450                      

3 Hours Face Painting. One artist                              $325                                   

3 Hours Face Painting. Two artists                             $425                                           

3 Hours Face Painting. Three artists                          $480                                            

- Travel Fee may apply

- $150 Deposit required to save the date


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