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Face Painting

Our professional talented artists will wow young and old with the most beautiful laborious and create designs. 

For more detailed designs we recommend to keep your party up to 12 guests for one face painting for two hours ratio.

For larger groups one artist can still create beautiful designs but choices of designs will be a bit limited and details on the designs as well.


For large corporate events or school fundraising event we recommend booking two or more artists. 


We use only hypoallergenic paints and FDA approved. 

Easy clean off with soap and water.


2 Hours Face Painting. One artist                               $250                                          

2 Hours Face painting. Two Artists                             $325               

2 Hours Face Painting. Three Artist                           $400                      

3 Hours Face Painting. One artist                              $300                                   

3 Hours Face Painting. Two artists                             $375                                           

3 Hours Face Painting. Three artists                          $450                                            


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