Are you ready to Rock?!

Your rising star will rock out of this world with
this party theme.
Amazing decor and props, suited for the young diva at heart.

We'll start with dressing like a star, a vast array of shimmery,
glittery, and funky outfits
complete with all kinds of accessories: ties, scarves, jewelry, hats, gloves, sunglasses,
leggings, belts, jackets, shoes, etc... The choices are endless.

To complete the look, we'll end with a glittery make up session,
funky hairdo
with bright colored extensions.

The new Divas will walk the red carpet to our glamorous tablescape
with a disco ball centerpiece, drapes, feather boas...where the rock stars will have refreshments with style. A dream
     come true!!!

Now we are ready to start our tour, rock and have fun!!!
Girls will be performing on our beautiful
stage, dancing and rocking, with faux electric guitars and microphones, to their favorite song from our great selection: Jonas Brothers, Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato,
Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift....
or sing karaoke to their favorite song from our great selection.

We'll continue rocking with our musical crazy rock game.

Every tour must come to an end,
we'll proceed back to our beautiful table escape to celebrate
our success on the road with tea, cake, and a
rocking birthday song.

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