Aarrrrgh.... Ahoy mateys!

Shiver me timbers!!!

Ye kids, weigh anchor... have no fear... let's set sail across the seas... come aboard 
Kidz Wishing Well ship and embark on a quest to find a fun thrilling pirate adventure.

The journey begins with ye kids turning into real buccaneers with full costume sets and accessories. To complete the look, face painting will do the trick.

We'll follow by taking the pirates oath to defend our ship and loot against all enemies! ! !
Let the festivities begin! ! ! Food and refreshment will be served at the pirate's cove,
"on board" our amazing tablescape... it's the perfect place to be.

Aarrrrrgh! Our first adventure will take ye across the high seas,
in shark-infested waters...
Ye buccaneers got to walk the plank, If ye succeed, a pirate ye should be...

Yo ho ho....The next adventure will take ye to Treasure Island to fight for
Captain Pegleg's booty. A game similar to musical chairs,
with a fun pirate twist.

On our ship, all pirates are winners... gold coins and loot, from the
treasure chest, we all get to share for doing our best.

Our final destination will take ye back to the pirate's cove for a final feast to
celebrate with cake and drinks, for a job well done on our quest for fun,
chanting a birthday song to the best pirate in the cove.

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