Greeting to all fair ladies of the
Thou art cordially invited to a day full of
royal fun.
All a princess need do is call upon her fairy
godmother and she will bring an entire royal
wardrobe to choose from. There is no need
to kiss a frog to turn into a beautiful princess
when we have so many gowns, shoes, and gloves to
choose from, as well as sparkling jewels befitting a
young princess!
The elegant ladies still need to powder their noses before greeting their royal subjets, though. Makeup and a mini mani and hairdo will perfectly prepare them for all the day's activities.
Our princess is ready now for her coronation. She will walk down the pink carpet,to her royal throne.
The procession will then continue into the palace for a royal banquet. The banquet table will be perfectly prepared with gorgeous decor fit for a princess and her ladies!
Next, the party proceeds to palace garden for a ball.,
The young princesses will dance until the stroke of
midnight with our musical game!
By that hour, the enchanted day will be almost
over. But before the ladies climb into their
carrieges and said goodbye, we still have tea
to drink and cake to eat and a special
princess to serenade with
'Happy Birthday'!

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